A rushed post

Okay, I don’t have to be in work as early as usual today, so I’ve got some time, let’s see what I can post about.

Earlier this month, Loius C. K. put out his most recent comedy special exclusively online skipping the whole television network thing. Even though I can’t even so much afford things really these days he’s only asking five bucks (American, I assume, but didn’t notice), so I figured it was probably possible for me to spend five bucks without it killing me (the jury is still out though). Anyway, I got the special and now I’m talking about it on my website. He remains to entertain me. Any comedy show that begins with pointing out that the audience is a large enough sampling of people that someone there is bound to be dead by the holidays is up my alley. I’m giving it Four out of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. It’s not the best of his specials that I have seen, but it is still great. And it is cheap. Keep that in mind anyone wanting some entertainment.


The owl was not there.
But then, who was saying “Hoo”?
And where was the owl?

Apart from that, not much else is going on. As I say, I am soon going to work. I spent much of today trying to work on things I’d like to get done before the New Year rolls around (so it looks like I got more done this year). Mostly I’m trying to finish the Hover Head story I mentioned I’d be starting around this time last year. I did indeed start it in the early bits of 2011, but then my focus shifted more to the SecGov Robots and I let this one drag out. Either way, it shall be done by Monday I am certain, and then I won’t have to worry about it any more. And all of you may continue not caring.

Anyway, not I have to get ready to go to work.

  1. Let’s see. Hoo’s on first, the owl was on second,but the owl was not there, so the owl must have stole third. So, I’m saying the owl is on third base. Did I win or no?

  2. I didn’t see anyone turning into a bear in that trailer. This is a flaw to me.

  3. Okay, but now it occurs to me that all trailers could use a guy who turns into a bear, whether the story is meant to have one or not…

  4. Okay, but now it occurs to me that all trailers could use a guy who turns into a bear, whether the story is meant to have one or not…

    That is actually what I was thinking before I realized that you were complaining about Beorn.

  5. Louis made a million dollars off that stunt.

  6. No doubt my advertising of the thing accounts for that. (Check out the link to his site for discussion of what he plans to do with the money)

    And the thing to remember is that he isn’t done selling it either. It’s still there and I would presume people are still buying it. This has been quite good for him.

    Just goes to show: the Internet is the future! I’d be putting out a television show about Magic Astronaut Hunters on the Internet if I knew how to make one and get people to be in it.

  7. Off turning into a bear? I would think that particular stunt would earn one a larger sum than that.

  8. As Pat said, he’s still selling, so bear-changing stunts look to be wicked profitable.

  9. I just realized you misspelled his name, Pat. I hope that hasn’t hurt potential sales…

  10. In other news, I met a guy named “Marq” in Ontario the other day.

  11. Hey, I did spell it wrong. It is clearly my fault that he hasn’t made a billion dollars.

    And it’s good to know there are still Othermarqs out there. I don’t see them as often as I used to.

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