May 1937: Marqville State Capital!

Hello? Is this thing still on? I suppose I didn’t give myself enough time today to write anything substantial today, but I did say I’d try to write everyday, and it’s not all about quality, is it?

After a week of starving myself of sleep, I thought I’d stay up after work (an unscheduled shift, even) and head down to the Portland Street Superstore to pick up a game for my wife’s birthday (belated, maybe, but I got her other things too, don’t worry) but the electronics section didn’t open until nine so I ended up going to Subway and wandering near-empty aisles until then. Needless to say, I was quite tired by the time I got home. I slept almost all day. :)

The game I purchased was Disney Universe for the Wii, and I gotta say it’s pretty neat. You run around as some sort of alien thing and can change costumes based on various Disney properties and play levels based on other various Disney properties. It’s fun with two players. It’s supposedly anarchy with four though, according to this review.

Side note: I bought a knock-off Wii-mote Plus off the eBay on the cheap. It came with a jacket and a nunchuck, and combined with shipping it still cost less than buying an official one (which doesn’t come with a jacket or a nunchuck, by the way–those cost extra). The nunchuck is wonky, though. The pins don’t always line up correctly. Good thing the aforementioned game doesn’t force you to use it, unlike that insultingly simple Up game that we got.

Another thing that I want to point out is how my wife bought the Wii under the pretense that playing the games that make you move around a lot will assist in getting fit, yet the first thing I did was obtain some Wii points and acquired a few old NES games (SMB3, Zelda 1, Mega Man 1, and Alex Kidd in Miracle World [which is Sega Master System, actually]). The whole design of the system is quite deceitful in that regard (in my opinion): it was made to try to get as many people playing games as possible, gamers and non-gamers alike. I think I’m slowly converting my wife into some sort of gamer, but there’s no way she’d be able to play something like Mega Man. The hand-eye coordination isn’t there, but neither is the patience. That game frustrated me, even.

I think that’s all I have time for.

Peas and carrots,

P.S., no postscript this time.

  1. Disney Universe?!! What the hell is this? This why Wii is inferior. It’s a system for women and children. Where are all the guns? Where is the explosions? Where is the crashing cars and falling buildings? I wanna blow shit up. ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, I like to rant. Doesn’t even matter about what. I’ll probably be ranting about the 360 or PS3 tommorrow. For all it’s flaws Nintendo is the only company I know that has a series of games about plumbers tripping on mushrooms.

  2. And Yet: the Wii has outsold both its competitors (but not combined, unfortunately… it’s only about 80%); the company’s handhelds dominate the market; and many old titles (not just Nintendo’s own) are available through the awesomesauce Virtual Console. Nintendo RUUUUUUUULLLLLLLEEEEEEZZZZ!!!

    And Mario, like almost all of the craziest ideas we’ve seen in video gaming, has his roots in the arcade. He is joined by the likes of Mappy (a mouse who thinks he’s a cop, chasing cats), Pac-Man (dude’s a disc that eats things, including ghosts), and whoever those guys in Joust are (a flying ostrich?!). Oh, and let us not forget Q*Bert, whatever the hell that fellow is.

  3. Well of course the Wii sold more. It came out hundreds of dollars cheaper then the other system and it targets non gamers as well as fan boys of certain series. As much as I make a big deal of things Nintendo has succeded in doing something it’s competitors have not: Get non-gamers to play video games. Even old geezers play Wii. For that I give Nintendo mad respect. However I have only found a handful of games to enjoy on Wii to the many, many games on the 360. Nintendo needs more games for the hardcore gamer to maximize it’s potential. Right now it has casuals and fan boys but if it created some different style games it could lure in the large segment of gamers it has missed. Also, Q Bert?!! That little fucker pissed me off when I was a kid and I hold a grudge to this day. I actually have quite a few fond memories of old Nintendo games. Dig Dug, Bubble Bobble, A Penguin Adventure,Ice Climber, the Goonies games and many others were what I grew up on. And the Captain N cartoon was a lot of fun too. Good times.

  4. I will concede that I also have not played a whole lot of games I like on the Wii. Then again, I’m no hardcore gamer, either, in the sense that I keep up to date with the hardcore games. Me = retrogamer. Pixels = perfection.

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