Oct 1951: Marqville Population Burgeoning!

Hello, if you are looking for the awesome fellow who has been posting here the past week while Patrick was out of town, you’re out of luck because he is gone. Instead, you got me, the miserable lout who couldn’t even manage to post every day like he said he would. I can’t believe that I missed yesterday! Now my city won’t get the fabled Braun Llama Dome. (In my search for an appropriate image, I came across a picture of a floating llama that has quickly become one of my favourite images on the ’net.)

Oh. Oh wow. Someone built the BLD in Minecraft. That someone is my new hero. Bravo, someone!

Speaking of Minecraft, which can be a horrible addiction for me sometimes, I had only started playing the game again for a couple of days before my wife’s laptop’s power cord died (which was probably a blessing in disguise, actually). So, although we’ve been without the bestest computational powered machine in the house this past week, I feel as though I haven’t been wasting any time.

Speaking of wasting time, the reason I didn’t get around to posting anything yesterday is because I managed to get a copy of Windows 3.1 running under DOSBox on my USB stick. It took multiple hours (probably because I was doing other stuff at the time), but it was worth it. I even managed a quick sketch in the local drawing program while I was at work (remember when it was called Paintbrush? Yeah!).

And finally, speaking of drawing at work, I have the utmost pleasure (or embarrassment) to present to you a comic drawn by a fellow comrade about my exploits at work: it is called King of Freeze Pop, and I’m just going to leave a link to it instead of making it pop up, because it’s kinda big. Warning: it’s also rife with the sort of in-jokes that can crop up over a year of working with the same people. You have been warned. (See? Just a couple sentences ago, you were warned.)

I think that’s all for now. A pretty productive week, I guess. Back to the ol’ drawing board for the website design update coming up. I think I’m going to leave that banner up forever. Or at least until Pat gets home and sees it.

Take care of your gonads,

P.S., oh what the heck, I drew a comic too. It comes in two flavours: original and super-sized. Sorry, these are the only two sizes, offer may not be used with any other deal, offer void in at least three provinces that we know of, any information gathered when using offer can and will be used against you in a cole of slaw, no substitutions, while quantities last.

  1. So many images! You’ve done so much. You killed a snowman! Now I am back. There will be less of that. But I encourage you to keep drawin’.

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