Phone Guys November 8

Here’s this week’s Phone Guys strip, which indicates I did not get any other comic done this week. But also I have realized that my original plan was incorrect. I’ve got a years worth of Phone Guys but instead of putting them up only when I don’t have another strip, I’ll just put one up every week whether I have another one or not. That way, on the weeks I do get other things done, I’ll have two (or more, we can dream) to go. Sound like a plan?

In other news, we have been trying to upgrade the old Book of PDR into WordPress 3. Well, Marq has anyway. I don’t know how ANY of this stuff works. But anyway, apparently we can’t do it because of a file size limit on importing old posts and my website apparently being too big. This, I say, is LAME. Apparently this upgrade would help fight spam, so that alone is reason enough for me to wish I was there. And I’m not. WordPress, you’ve hurt my feelings.

  1. I would like to comment to make some sense of it. All of these things I have said to Pat, it’s true. There, uh, there is not much more than that. This is the end of my comment.

  2. Oh yeah, nice phones guys comic strip, Patricko! You should make more!

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