This post was written while cereal was being eaten.

So… A few days ago I got one of those things. You know, those things. Sometimes people on television have them. What are they called? Oh yeah: A cold. A few days ago I got a cold. It kinda sucks.

And while this is far from the worst I’ve had (I remember one last year with a bunch of coughing that lasted for a month or something) it has led to me being quite listless and foggy-brained all weekend. More so than usual even. And I’ve got used tissues everywhere that probably I should pick up. Pretty much the number one advantage of living alone is that used tissues can wait.

I did buy another one of these boxes of tissues, though. Who are those guys? Who are those guys still?

Of some interest, perhaps, is the fact that there is a new television show on some channel or another based off of the Walking Dead comic book. That book has entertained me for years, so I checked out the show and I was not disappointed. I’ve been a fan of zombie movies since childhood but I do admit that even before the modern enpopularizing of the undead hordes there were plenty of bad zombie movies and since then that has not changed. Because of that I am happy to actually see an ongoing show about them, which I don’t think has ever been done, and it seems to be done well. I’d probably be even happier if those two things were true about a show that wasn’t retelling a story I am already familiar with, but hey, at least licensing deals are good for the people who make the comics. They deserve a reward for having done their thing well.

And the title is correct. I just finished a bowl of cereal. Hooray.

  1. Rachel has this bamboo thing that sits over top of a square box of tissue. There is a kind of bamboo theme going on in there. I’ll give you three guesses which one I put under it.

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