I’m a Magazine Star.

In the upper right hand corner, behind the other people? That’s me. Also, my friends Terry and Buffy are there and a friend we met in our travels who is actually responsible for us all being in this magazine. And I totally rode one of those camels too. That is, of course, from my trip to the China. Who can say what other things I have done have turned up in magazines without me ever knowing? I think maybe it should be my goal to get into a magazine on every continent. That would be swell.

In other news, I really have to wonder about the quality of the spam comments that try to get onto my site sometimes. I’m going through them as I speak and I’ve got one here that has no links and consists only of text saying “Comment1” which is hardly going to get people to know which erection pills to buy. I can only assume that the robots who do this spamming know their job better than I do, but it seems pointless. Even more pointless than thinking someone would be on my page to click the spam links if it had been included.

  1. Also, how’d you discover this magazine feature? Do you regularly consume the Chinese media?

  2. I gots connections. That is to say that the article writer notified me over the Facebook machine. I do, however, regularly consume Chinese Food (or at least that Americanized version of it…)

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