Zombie Nation

Some time ago, half a year, a year, I don’t know, I watched a movie called Zombie Nation. Now I have watched many zombie movies in my day (mostly because I don’t learn my lesson) and this here was among the worst. Just not a good movie.

But this evening I have discovered that there was another product called Zombie Nation even before this. The Nintendo game called Zombie Nation is a thing of beauty. In this game the player is the severed head of a samurai warrior who comes to America to fight off Darc Seed, an alien who has conquered the land using magnetic rays that made the populace into helpless zombies. Oh and he brought the Statue of Liberty to life to “Do his dirty work.”

The first level alone had me destroying New York for no real reason and fending off helicopters and zeppelins.

So now I have to detest the Zombie Nation even more because, thanks to it, we will probably never see an adaption of this awesome game on the big screen where it belongs.

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