Seinfeld is Coming and so is Futurama

Apparently, according to the newspaper like five days ago, Jerry Seinfeld will be coming here in Halifax to play a charity gig thing. I would be totally into seeing that, but the article said that tickets would mostly be made available to people who help support the QE II hospital here in the city. Now, naturally, I look upon all charity as a form of weakness and a waste of resources, so I am totally not gonna get those tickets. Oh well.


What’s the deal with toast?
Who saw bread and thought “add heat.”
Effing retarded.

Also, next week we get the new Futurama movie. This is a good thing that will make the world a better place. A review I read in the paper said that the movie was less a movie than a long episode, but I am totally okay with that.

I do wish that so many things in this post weren’t information gained from the newspaper I work at, but what can you do? And oddly enough, I like toast far, far more than regular bread. But that’s how the haiku came out. What do you want from me?

  1. I like toast too, and I know you like toast, which made me surprised to read that haiku.

  2. I had planned to paraphrase Clone High Gandhi in saying that I didn’t choose rhyming, it chose me, but then it occurred to me that it didn’t rhyme…

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