Wedding Invitation.

I just got the invitation to Kip’s wedding. This invite to his upcoming nuptuals are more proof than any other thing ever that Kip is a great big queer gay fag. Though the invitation clearly doesn’t come from Kip himself because it is for Patrick plus Guest. Kip probably knows better than most people that I’m destined to live and die alone.

In other news, I joined the damn Facebook. Sigh. I’ve become a semi-conformist.

And I had other things to say, but I’m in way too many MSN conversations to think of them right now. So go away.

  1. Man, you totally should of joined MySpace instead. Less dirty stinking hippies.

  2. MySpace or as I put it, JerkSpace is the bane of all things wrong with human-life.

  3. Dude, in my very second “post” or whatever at Facebook, I called it JerkfaceBook.

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