Zombie Movies Not Always Good.

I just watched this movie called Zombie Nation and once again I have to question my “watch anything with zombies in it” lifestyle. It was not good. Like, worse than House of the Dead…

So there’s been a great big shooting in the States. It may be tasteless, but my first thought upon seeing the news was “Thirty-One, that guy did way better than most of them.” Of course it is a tragedy and all, but that’s what I thought.

And about the seventh or so thing I thought was “I hope that prick wasn’t wearing a trenchcoat”. I don’t need another one ruining my image.

  1. Hey, turns out he was wearing a vest. That ought to keep the naysayers at bay.

  2. I hope everyone thinks that people who wear vests will shoot them now! That’ll show ’em.

    Actually I don’t hope for that. That would be the same prejudice I have suffered and I don’t want the vestmen to go through it. I was simply speaking out of turn.

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