There’s a Mansheep now? Holy chimps! We’re screwed. I saw on the Colbert Report that scientists have created a hybrid man/sheep. That’s freaky. Although now it occurs to me that humanity is largely a bunch of sheep anyhow. I did a quick look at to see if I could find a link, but couldn’t, so I’ll just leave it to your imaginations, because that will be worse for you.

But I can say that if we keep along this line of genetic experimentation. It’s only a matter of time.

And finally, Contains2 is still not working. I… really don’t know what to do about that. I’m not happy.

  1. do you believe in friction
    please reply

    – Mr. Baran

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  2. Friction? Hmmm. I suppose I do believe in friction. Yes. Yes, I suppose I do.

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