Violence begets violence. Think about it. I know this is true because “begets” is a funny word. Next time you want to do violence, think about that.

I overslept today. Why do I keep doing that on days when I intend to do things? Is my subconscious trying to prevent me from accomplishing anything? Or is YOUR subconcious doing that. I ought to pound you all. Then violence you.

But I should be able to donate blood again, and I’m going to drop into the clinic tomorrow to set up the appointment and stuff. That may help cheer me up.

  1. If you violence anyone make sure to take their blood and give to the blood bank.

  2. I hear Alucard is working at the blood bank now.

  3. Whoa! Violence and vampires could be a RPG! It’d kick Dungeons and Dragons out a five story window!

  4. Can the companion game be Menace and Mummies?

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