I Don’t Like My Job.

In the grand tradition of sucking, I’m going to have to start going to work two hours earlier every day next week. I really don’t like my job, y’know.

Now, I really want to start writing stuff to prevent this site from being another mopey guy’s personal journal, but I guess I’m not going to do that today.

And as for my new computer, I still haven’t done anything more to try to get it together. I guess I should do that tomorrow or on the weekend, since I won’t have as much time next week and beyond…

  1. The problem with your computer is that it has so few graphics.

    The problem with Marq (and you can tell him this) is that he’s a jerk. (Way to be sociable Marq)

    At least you can fix your computer…

    Now for my complaint: my wrist hurts… the one that prevents me from being gay.

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