It’s An Adventure!

Lately I’ve been getting my rides to and from work in a coworker’s car which is a Chevy nearly as old as myself. The gas gauge is stuck at halfway. Thanks to that quirk, we ended up on the side of the highway at 4:30 in the morning today, with the tank depleted. So as the owner ran off to the nearest gas station another coworker and I got to stand by the car, in which we could not find working four-way lights, and try to encourage the many fast-moving large trucks not to hit it until the sun rose enough that we could be seen. We decided that since I (as always) was wearing a big black trenchcoat, and he is foreign, that some passing car was sure to call the cops on us. Sadly, that didn’t happen, but eventually the gas arrived and we were on our way off again.

Now I might have thought that anything that kept me from getting home after work would be a bad thing, but I enjoyed that. It felt like old times, when I did stuff and stuff happened. I really wish I still had a life.

Anyway, I’m going to sleep. To any stupid young idiot kids who may accidentally turn up on this site because they were surfing the Internet for the phrase “Bird Flu is Awesome” (which I just used) my advice is this: Don’t get jobs, get lives.

  1. You better call the cops, or just get better at dropping by.

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