PDR Accomplishes.

Well, I actually managed to get a few things done today, both in cleaning my room and here on the Book of PDR.

Cleaning, I have hit upon something that will help. From now on, I’m keeping my clothes on the shelving unit which is easier to get to and can hold much more than the dresser. The dresser, on the other hand, will now contain all the stuff that was on the shelving unit. I rarely need to get to any of it, so it can stay in the drawers. Makes good sense.

And then I took two of my old articles and pasted them here. I mean, sure, I’ve only done one new Article since starting the Book, but at least I’m doing something. Speaking of which, I need to prod Marq into doing all the design stuff here that he’s supposed to do. Poor Marq, the work ethic of a rock, the teaching skills of a rock and if I try and do something wrong he’ll hit me with a rock.

Oh, and before I forget I own an Oppo Rancisis action figure now! It may not be the bo-staff I joined Ebay to buy, but it’s something. And no, I’m not explaining who Oppo Rancisis is. I don’t owe you people with lives anything.

  1. Cousin It could take Oppo.

  2. Not if I could help it! And I like to think I could.

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