Ear Pain Again

Argh. My ear hurts again. This makes for the third such earache in as many years. Last time, it was the right ear. Now we’re the left ear this time, which is where we were two times ago. I don’t even get why it is happening. It felt fine as I was trying to get to sleep, but upon waking up, there it was, painfulness in the ear when I swallow or, for whatever reason, happen to press on my ear. And this time it doesn’t feel like there’s a big mass of pressure built up in the ear fluid or anything. This time it is just the painfulness. This leads me to believe that this is technically a different problem than the last two times, but the end result, the ear pain, remains intact. I can’t help but wonder if I didn’t, in my sleep, somehow scratch the inside of my ear. And if I did that, sleeptimes-PDR needs to wise up.

Why is it that I could have a pain in my hand or foot or something and not mind all that much, but once it is in one of my ears it occupies my every waking thought? Ear canals. More trouble than they’re worth? Someone needs to look into this.

Also, my spellcheck tells me that painfulness is a legitimate word. Sounds pretty clumsy to me. There are definitely easier ways to phrase a sentence than to use the word painfulness. But that is what makes English so fun.

It’s Very Ear-itating!

I’ve an ear ache/infections/something in my right ear and it is driving me nuts. Last time I have to put up with this nonsense it was in my left ear. So at least it is mixing it up.

To be fair, I remember it being much more painful last time. I don’t know if it actually was or if my memory has just colored that event as being worse than it was, but I’m glad it isn’t as bad as I remember. Still bugs me, though.

But now I am getting to work on some comics for Monday, so my ear is pretty unnecessary just now anyway.


I’ve managed to get Swimmer’s Ear. What the chunks? Homeboy can’t even swim! And yet here I spent the last day and a half with what feels like a tablespoon full of fluid in by my anvil and hammer and other tiny bone.

Apart from the fact that it occasionally gets painful (as I tried to sleep last morning for example) the primary problem with Swimmer’s Ear is that it blocks sounds like an earplug and that has the effect of amplifying inside-head noises like crunching or swallowing or that constant swearing voice that we all try so hard to block out.

Anyway, I can officially state that I’m not a fan of Swimmer’s Ear. You’re all amazed to hear it.


Duck language is hard.
Too many words sound the same.
Ducks should learn English.

I looked up the other tiny bone. It’s the stirrup. No wonder I didn’t remember that. Back when they taught me about the earbones, I probably had no idea what a stirrup was, so it didn’t stick in my mind the way the others did. They really should have taught me about stirrups first. I now officially hate the Canadian school system.