Super Sunday: Club Man and Wizardog

Club Man

Conrad was a young construction worker who fell off a roof, but the ground he hit wasn’t the pavement below. Somehow, Conrad fell into a dimensional tear leading to Ogretropolis, a city for ogres. With no way to return home, Conrad had to fend for himself in that strange town, eventually finding a job as an exterminator (his relatively small size helped him get into areas the big ogres couldn’t and he fight the dog-sized insectoid pests). When he had made enough money, Conrad was finally able to pay a magician to send him home. Back on Earth, Conrad realized he had grown stronger and his enchanted club was more powerful than most Earth-material. With these advantages, it was easy for Club Man to continue cleaning up pests, but this time it is the criminal variety that is on the receiving end of his wallopings.

I’ve always been drawn to big dumb good guy characters. There’s something I relate to in the fellow who is strong and stupid as an ox, but it still a decent guy. I feel like that character was all over the place in my youth, but is less common now. I’m not at all surprised by the conventional “twist” on the trope by having the big guy also be smart, that happens all the time now, so I just wanted to harken back to the lovable dumb strong guy.


Who is a good dog? Wizardog is! Yes he is!

With mystic powers passed down from the ages, Wizardog protects mankind from various threats and creatures from Realms Beyond. Intelligent enough to communicate with humans, Wizardog doesn’t bother, with the exception of little Maggie Bronson, his owner. Wizardog wages his war in secret, expecting nothing in return, except a scratch behind the ears at the end of the day.

Super Animals are one of those elements of superhero comics that some people don’t like. As with all the other weird stuff I’ve mentioned over the course of this year, I think super animals can be done well. I won’t be happy until we get Krypto in a Superman movie. It’s a shame Hollywood hates me so much. (It’s not a superhero comic, but an excellent example of pets fighting supernatural stuff would be Beasts of Burden. Read that thing.)


Hey everyone, PDR is back! I’m not going to murder Marq this time, because his takeover of the site was not a surprise. Instead I will just thank him for minding the place while I’ve been away, then I’ll complain for all the updates to the site ever not being done already.

Anyway, in New York, I got to pet a dog. More details may come later.

More Dog Updates

Okay, so two days in a row I have encountered dogs that were chained up outside places of business that, when I passed, expressed an interest me. This meant I had to pet them, obviously. And since both of these times I had places to be, I wasn’t able to just sit there and pet them until the owner came back, so that means two days in a row where I got to pet dogs and not have to deal with people. It is important to enjoy the little things in life. And dogs are pretty little.

Anyway, I’ve got stuff to do, so go away.


I met a dog on the way to work last night and I got to pet him a little bit. I was just walking by and it paid attention to me, so obviously I had to pet it. Naturally, I had to talk to its person a little bit as well, which of course was awkward, but still. Doggie.


Call me a doctor.
As in, locate one for me.
I’m bleeding to death.

Here’s where I explain the haiku: He wanted someone to call a doctor for him, but instead that person just referred to him as a doctor, so he had to explain what he meant. This has been a Helpful PDR Poetry Note.

So, across the street from me there is a Vogue Optical, right? Place what sells glasses and your second pair is free and all that? You know. Anyhow, since as long as I can remember there has been an eye chart in the window. That changed a few weeks back. I was looking down one day and I watched in horror (maybe “watched with mild interest” would be more accurate) as the chart was taken down and in its place they put up some pictures of beautiful people wearing glasses.

I immediately chose to be outraged. This could not be a simple case of a store owner trying to change things up a little. What this was is an example of modern society placing less interest in actually using glasses to correct vision, but instead using them to look good. Once again society’s obsession with beauty outrages me.

And I was so outraged I forgot about it until weeks later when I needed something to put on my website. That’s how outraged I was.

Owners Just Get In The Way

You know what sucks? If I see a person walking a dog down the street and they pass me, if I want to pet that dog, I pretty much have to talk to the person. It’s unfair.


Dogs are my good friends.
We like to hang out sometimes.
We should hang out more.

I haven’t really had much to say on here lately, and I’ve been too busy to just make up nonsense to say as would be the standard solution. But in any case I feel like I can at least announce that I have finished drawing the SecGov Robots “short introduction” story that I’ve been doing since February or whenever it was I started it. There’s ten pages or so that I’ve got to put up, but I’m still going to space them over a couple weeks so I can spend the time I’d spend drawing on other things.

I’ll try to have something else to say later in the week.