Owners Just Get In The Way

You know what sucks? If I see a person walking a dog down the street and they pass me, if I want to pet that dog, I pretty much have to talk to the person. It’s unfair.


Dogs are my good friends.
We like to hang out sometimes.
We should hang out more.

I haven’t really had much to say on here lately, and I’ve been too busy to just make up nonsense to say as would be the standard solution. But in any case I feel like I can at least announce that I have finished drawing the SecGov Robots “short introduction” story that I’ve been doing since February or whenever it was I started it. There’s ten pages or so that I’ve got to put up, but I’m still going to space them over a couple weeks so I can spend the time I’d spend drawing on other things.

I’ll try to have something else to say later in the week.

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