The Chronicles will BEE back

A few days ago, the last of my “Adam: The Beekeeper Chronicles” chapters went live. That means 100 chapters, each exactly 100 words long, can now be found in its own section of the site. They tell the story of three of the characters from Secret Government Robots as they figure out what the next part of their lives will be.

With those Chronicles now concluded, those characters don’t have an ongoing home for the first time since SecGov began back in 2010. That doesn’t mean their stories are over. I fully intend to touch in on them again, hopefully even before the year is over, but there is no ongoing outlet for their tales currently planned. We, like those characters, will just have to wait and see what’s next.

The BUZZ around here

Hey look, a new form of content has begun on the Book of PDR. It’s Adam: The Beekeeper Chronicles. This is going to continue the story of Adam, the Beekeeper who played a minor but pivotal role in Secret Government Robots, as well as some of the other cast members from that comic. But now they’re in prose! Neat!

Specifically, I’m going to do chapters for this as drabbles, the type of story which is exactly one hundred words long. Easy to read, right? Everyone wins. I figure I’ll do a hundred chapters of it, then see where I feel like going from there.