Super Sunday: E-Cobbo


A small planet orbiting a dual star system is home to a small species that calls itself the E-Cobbo. Their world, which they call Oi-Tan, is a place of extreme seasons, with very dry and very wet phases alternating at a schedule we would recognize as almost monthly. But this chaotic seasonal schedule has not hindered the advancement of the E-Cobbo, who have adapted by building city-type communities that can transform depending on the type of weather they need to deal with at any given time.

Podge is a crimefighter appointed by the priests of the E-Cobbo’s dominant religion. Although there is no actual police force on Oi-Tan, the priests in particularly crime-ridden areas (of which there are many) will choose individuals and declare that they have the right to hold authority. The result is an awful lot of lone-wolf-loose-cannon crimefighters, but Podge has a more By The Book type personality. Unfortunately, the book has yet to be written.

Jorsh‘s family was killed by careless criminals who were slaughtering their rivals and did not care what innocents happened to get in the way. The thing is, the E-Cobbo don’t value their family the same way that humans do. Jorsh’s family consisted of a set of five parents who were supposed to churn out children at a rate of one per year, and thus only spending a year with each one. Jorsh was that family’s first child, and had been released so they could raise other kids. That family is dead now, but it doesn’t make much of a difference to Jorsh.

Dipt‘s favorite fruit bush was destroyed by careless criminals who were burning down a rival’s lair and did not care what innocent plants happened to be nearby. Having lost that bush, Dipt is now engaged in a quest for revenge, slaughtering as many criminals as possible.

A Fact About E-Cobbo: Although their economical system would be unrecognizable to humans, there are still a class of E-Cobbo who work “jobs” to be rewarded with food and shelter in a way similar to us. The most popular industry for this class is waterproofing. The second most popular industry is dust removal. The third is sneeze-inducing.

Universe: Bronze

Super Sunday: Redak Sovens

Redak Sovens

The species known as Redak Sovens look like massive snails to humans, but they are actually an incredibly tough lifeform with regenerative powers that make them almost immortal. In spite of their toughness, though, their world has been conquered by magical mutants from a fantasy world known as the Efmons. While the invaders have established a base on the world, and they reward those who convert to their religion, for the most part they leave the Redak Sovens to themselves.

Cot Rondar, a member of the Efmon Space Commandos, is a Redak Soven.

Redak Sovens value being tough, and Rom Zemplie proves how tough it is by eschewing the technology that almost all others of the species carry on their back. Rom figures that relying on anything that isn’t innate is a sign of weakness, and often that does impress the others, who are then willing to work for Rom, and use their technology to Rom’s benefit.

Stop Gowlont is an old school type. Unwilling to accept the Efmons as being rulers of the world, Stop likes to challenge Redak Sovens who are loyal to them to duels. Because they are so tough, duels among Redak Sovens are never to the death (it would take too long), so even if Stop is unsuccessful, at least some pain has been inflicted on the enemy. But Stop actually does win often enough that the Efmons are taking notice. Stop is the first of the conquered species since the invasion who the Efmons have decided is worthy of being wanted, dead or alive.

Lomn Sholet is, like many Redak Sovens, picking up little bits of mystical knowledge from the Efmon invaders. While not willing to convert to worship of their god Thalamaya, Lomn likes the ways that magic can improve life. Lomn is especially fond of finding ways to use magic to improve the technology they already have.

A Fact About Redak Sovens: While the Redak Sovens had not left their world before the Efmons arrived, and did not know about alien life, they actually had been visited by life forms from another planet in a nearby system. Those nearby aliens only came to study the local life. They would probably have made contact at some point, but when the Efmons came to their world, they put up a resistance and it has been going poorly for them.

Universe: Red

Super Sunday: Daleicnari


The planet Daleicnar is a very green world with thick forests covering almost all of its surface land. In these forests lives a six-legged species called Daleicnari. Although Daleicnari primarily use their sense of smell to interact with the world, they have a strange form of sight-organs that grow from their head. These eye-stalks continue growing throughout the Daleicnari’s life and can regenerate from any damage they take. The multiple stalks can allow them to see in a full circle around them.

Sebetelet Neon is, according to the traditions and laws of the land, the rightful ruler of a large realm in the planet’s north. But that position has been usurped by the minions of an evil demonic being called Verek Harrm who has been slowly conquering the planet for generations. Now Sebetelet lives the life of an outlaw hoping to gather an army of supporters who can win back the lands from the evil forces.

Vinday Gess is a wizard in the employ of Verek Harrm’s armies. Working to conquer the world for a demonic entity from beyond reality give Vinday a sense of purpose in life. In fact, the armies of Verek Harrm have some of the highest levels of job satisfaction on the whole planet.

Yeshowie Blut lives a simple life in the southern realms, tending livestock and living a peaceful life with friends. But the forces of Verek Harrm have begun to reach into this realm and their propagandists are trying to recruit innocent people like Yeshowie to their evil cause.

A Fact About Daleicnari: The demonic entity Verek Harrm was brought to the planet Daleicnar when an assembly of realm-leaders tried to create a spiritual intelligence that would help them control the moons. Didn’t work.

Universe: Brown

Super Sunday: Durlizkens


The Durlizkens are a slow-moving, three-legged species with one large eye and an appendage growing from their forehead. They communicate by stomping out codes with their hooves, the vibrations of which can be detected by the sensitive feet of others. This is as close as they come to possessing a sense of hearing, and there is no way to determine a Durlizken’s “voice” from their vibrations, only their vocabulary is useful way to differentiate who is speaking. First contact has been made with alien lifeforms, so the Durlizkens know they are not alone in the universe, but there has been little trade of ideas or goods with the aliens. On the aliens’ part, the Durlizkens don’t have much to offer. On a galactic level, the Durlizken homeworld is just considered a primitive backwater world, though it is an alien word “Durlizken” that we are using to describe the species, since the species doesn’t have any such word to describe itself, just a vibration code.

Azran Tidor is a slave-driver. Slavery is a thriving industry among the Durlizken homeworld, with the slaves being anyone who has broken a law. The problem is that the industry is so profitable that the wealthiest Durlizkens can’t get enough slaves, so it is no longer just the most severe of criminals who are enslaved, but any violator of any minor crime. Azran Tidor is particularly malevolent, manipulating events to create more potential slaves by causing the conditions in poor regions to get worse until the denizens have little choice but to turn to crime.

Numsun is a religious figure who has spent a large portion of his life studying the Potent Questions, which the Durlizken consider the hardest things to answer about life. He hasn’t got any answers yet.

Phleed is a young Durlizken who is trying to start a pack family of his own. Having recently left the one he was raised in, Phleed is now wandering the wilderness looking for other youngsters who want to ally with him.

A Fact About Durlizkens: Durlizkens have no sense of smell, in addition to no sense of hearing, but their eyesight detects a range of light well beyond human limits. They also have a humidity sensing organ that doesn’t really compare to anything humans have, but which helps them predict weather changes.

Universe: Green

Those Who Can Not Smell: A Tale Of First Contact

This one time, two alien spaceships met each other in the void of space between star systems. Neither species had ever encountered a different species before, so it was a momentous event. The scientifically-minded crews of the two ships stopped and tried to communicate. Eventually, they worked out a coded system of light flashes through […]