Adam: The Beekeeper Chronicles, Chapter Five

Bees worked. Adam slept. He dreamed of Aaron and Isaac. They had not been his closest friends, but had died fighting by his side. Killed by mysterious enemies intent on driving the Beekeepers to war. The Elders had wisely declined the bait, but Adam had struck out on his own. It had been a mistake. […]

Bibbo’s Bees: It turns out that Bibbo has a hive on the roof of the Ace o’ Club and not even Mecha-Titano’s rampage will stop him from checking on the bees. #BibboBibboctober

I am gonna try to do a few doodles this month to commemorate Superman’s biggest fan, Bibbo Bibbowski. #BibboBibboctober

Look, if you’re not all gonna rise up and make me Pope, you can’t blame me if I’m not the Pope.