Superman Thoughts For The New Year

What is happening?

Well, I’m obviously still spending a lot of mental energy on Superman and his franchise, and I still have notes about things I could write about on here, but I expect 2019 to be lighter on the Superman Thoughts posts than last year.

Why? Well, first of all, writing these on here has been quite successful at getting this stuff out of my head. The need to vent feels less urgent. Secondly, I am investigating a different way to let out Superman Thoughts, of which I will tell you later.

Besides, having to have one of these scheduled every week just adds to the list of things keeping me from completing other things. Can’t have that.

2018 Ender

How is it possible that a year can feel like it is over in the blink of an eye, but also be a slog to get through? I guess that’s just how aging works.

But we did get through 2018. Congratulations, us. I’m still a failure this year, as Secret Government Robots is still about twenty pages from completion. Still! It was supposed to end in 2015, I think! But I am 80% sure it will be done this year and I will never have to draw another page of it again. I wish I could be more confident than that, but I have disappointed myself too many times.

But also, I didn’t get sick this year. That’s a win! I did have a sudden upheaval in my life in the form of leaving my home of fifteen years for some other place. This did derail me, but unlike the illness, this is probably a good thing ultimately.

Overall, 2018 was a year. In spite of some major life changes, I have little to say about it. Life is just an unending blur anyway.

So, how will the Dark Lord Char’Nagh treat us as we go into 2019? Nobody can know. Such is life.