Denialstalgia – the refusal of information because it is different from what you learned as a kid. Such as hating that dinosaurs might have had feathers or that Pluto has been reclassified. Also applies to clinging to prejudices.

Adam: The Beekeeper Chronicles, Chapter Forty-Three

“What the hell?” said Dante.

“Huh?” said Gladys.

“Pardon?” said the Master.

“I am serious.” Adam took another step forward. “We could do so much together. I acknowledge that you are powerful. There can be no doubt. And with your power you could do so much to improve society for everyone. We could help you do it.”

“Help me?” The Master smirked. “What possible help could specks like you provide?”

“Well, your criminal lifestyle must be lonely. You could have allies. Friends.”

“Hardly necessary. I have astounding self esteem.”

The Master raised a hand and Adam slammed into the wall.

I wrote about one of the times Superman fought some bigots on the radio, but not the time that I’ve written about before: