Adam: The Beekeeper Chronicles, Chapter Fifty-Six

“Geez,” Gladys read over Dante’s shoulder. “I know you said Port Nadine had lots of weirdness, but look at these headlines. ‘Mysterious Figure Seen Dancing In Burning School.’ ‘Has The Sewer Ghost Been Murdered?’ ‘Scuba Boxer Strikes Again.’ What’s up with this town?”

“It isn’t all legit, but yeah, it’s a busy place supernaturally speaking.” Dante gestured to the screen, “This site is run by an investigator who aggregates reports of paranormal news that gets skipped or covered up by other sources.”

Adam asked, “Have there been reports about us?”

“Nope. My covering skills are better than her investigation skills.”

Adam: The Beekeeper Chronicles, Chapter Fifty-Five

“Let me show you something here,” said Dante as he scrolled through posts on the extrafancynet.

Gladys watched over his shoulder and read a headline aloud. “Anomalous snake sightings?”

“Yeah, lots of those in town, but that’s not what I’m looking for.”

Scrolling some more, he clicked a link and another headline appeared.

“Street Sentry Saves Day!” Beneath it, a series of dark and blurry pictures showed the helmeted man lifting a truck over his head and moving it safely away from a fire.

“Pretty strong,” Gladys admitted.

Adam nodded. “Could we not use someone so strong as our ally?”


The first car I ever owned is not functional any longer. Goodbye to a hard-working car.