The Alphabet of PDR

A is for Ape Submarines
B is for Brains
C is for Crows
D is for Dog Friends
E is for Eerie Pianists
F is for French Toast
G is for Giraffe Ossicones
H is for Helium in a Bucket
I is for Invisible Windows
J is for Jewish People
K is for Koala Parades
L is for Laughing Jewish People
M is for Medieval Science-Kings
N is for New Old Men
O is for Old Old Men
P is for PDR
Q is for Quests for Magical Artifacts
R is for Robot Jewish People
S is for Salted Pretzel Thieves
T is for Troubled Youths
U is for Unimportant Bureaucratic Positions
V is for Viking-related Boats
W is for Worldwide Conspiracies Involving Statuesque Clowns
X is for Xebecs Piloted by Old Men
Y is for Yellow Xylophones
Z is for Zinc Tubes

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