Bein’ Broke

I’ve mentioned numerous times on this site that I’m currently broker than I’ve ever been. Well, that’s still the case. And since I don’t currently have a source of income… well nuts.

So this week I’ve found out how many job application forms I can fill in before my attitude problems start to seep into it. It’s one. One job application form. Luckily, I think I can answer in a such a way that you can’t tell the tone of voice I’m using. Like when they ask “Can we contact employers before your most recent employer for information” and I answer “Yes, though I don’t have contact information for people I worked for a decade ago” they hopefully don’t realize that I’m mentally adding “You FRIGGING IDIOT” to the end.

But, man, my rent is going up in a few months. I don’t care for that at all. But also, upon seeing how much money I made over the Summer, the government decided my student loan should be lessened by about five hundred bucks because they apparently assume I should have more money than I do (they already assumed I had several thousand more than I actually do). I guess next time I’ll look harder for the box I can check that says I was paying nearly a thousand dollars in rent because my terrible roommate did not pay. Thank goodness I have a paying roommate now. It turns out that it is really helpful.

In the meantime, I am also trying to do all kinds of reading for the school year. I’ve got one more class this semester than I did in the last, so I’m expecting to be pretty darn busy. I’m trying to get as much of the reading I need to have done before classes begin. I’m quite a slow reader, so this is not easy. I admit, I chose classes in which I’d already read some material, but there is just so much more to read. I’m pretty sure I can fake some it, but I really am going to try to read as much as I can. And that takes time.

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