General Updateyness

Okay, as I said previously, today’s SecGov update is just some single thing I doodled at work one time long ago. But unlike I said previously, it will not be immediately followed by my next storyline. Instead, to give me just a little bit more time to heal my drawing parts, Marq will be back on Thursday’s page with another single page strip. Then, hopefully, next week will be back in action.

In other news, I think I have updated all the automatic credit card payments that I need to with my new credit card information. It is a relief to have it done, though in the process I discovered that there has been a thirty dollar a month payment I have been making for years and I simply don’t know what it was for. All this time I just assumed it had something to do with the site, but apparently not. The website it says I am paying has no explanation of what they do or anything. So I am not giving these people my new information (and anyway I don’t think I would know how to do so if I wanted to).

Assuming this doesn’t turn out to be something important that I don’t understand, it is perfectly likely that I am about to stop paying an unnecessary monthly fee that I have probably sunk thousands into at this point.

  1. Well there goes your monkey attack insurance. Don’t get attacked by monkeys if you can help it.

    • I like to think that monkeys relate to me too well to want to attack.

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