The Moon is Overrated

Okay, so this is my second attempt at doing a post today, the first having been met with some sort of error that prevented it from working. What the chunks was that about, Internet?

Take note: with yesterday’s post we come to the rushed conclusion of the most recent SecGov story. That one kinda drifted away from where I had planned to take it and then, when it came time to wrap it up, I didn’t have much room left. My next story shall hopefully be better structured. That’s what this is after all, an attempt to learn how to do this crap.

But before I get to that next story, we’ve got something altogether different for SecGov next week. More on that, next week.


Why go to the moon?
I like it better right here.
I don’t want to go.

Man, what does that haiku have against the moon? I mean, sure, maybe it is a lot of effort to get there, there’s not much to see when you get there, and there’s a lot of risk of something going wrong, but… well, no, I guess I agree with the haiku now. Still, if we got our act together and did more space work, we’d have most of those problems fixed

So we definitely had some warm weather the last couple days. My apartment had the kind of sweltering hard-to-sleep daytimes that I associate with Summer. It’s cooler today, so my sleep was more efficient, you will all be glad to know.

Anyway, there was probably more to have said, but I’m not going to bother, instead opting to end here and find out if it post this time.

  1. Hey it worked! I can post things on the Internet. Technology is swell!

  2. I think the moon is overrated as a place to live but I enjoy the loving glow of moonlight. You ever go out on a clear night when the moon is full? Absolutely beautiful.

    • As I am a man of the night, you can have no doubt that I like the moon as experienced from here on Earth. But I ain’t goin’ up there any time soon, that’s f’sure.

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