A Roboteriffic Day To You All

As I mentioned a few years ago, I once decided that March 25th is International Robot Day. Then I decided to stick with it. Nobody has the power to stop me!

And this is March 25th! Happy International Day to everyone, but especially to robots.

One time, also years ago, I was bored at work and I decided the solution was to draw this:

Robots Are The Future!

(I didn’t save the file, but I printed it, so now we have this scan)

If not for this drawing, I would not at all even remember that I had chosen an International Robot Day. But when I started making an actual webcomic about robots, I looked at this drawing and decided to use that robot design as Stanislav Blue. PDR never leaves a character behind. Someday, I probably should get around to doing a story about Stanislav. Hmm.

  1. Okay, it seems these dates are all used for various robot days not associated with ours:

    • October 6th (Sensor Intelligence, some German website)
    • July 10th (Newgrounds)
    • October 11th (worldrobotday.org, with the reasoning: “Why? Why not.”)
    • January 9th (also worldrobotday.org, birthdate of Karel Čapek [the dude that invented the word robot])
    • August 16th (some website I couldn’t access, as a reason to go to work dressed as robots)
    • The Saturday before the second full work week of April and lasting for nine days (National Robotics Week, U.S.; I guess a robot week is longer?)
    • February 7th (National Love Your Robot Day, I’m assuming U.S.)
    • February 26th/27th, 2011 (National Robot Ship Day [totally not what it sounds like])
    • June 11th, 2011 (National “Do The Robot” Day, U.S.; because dancing is not covered by freedom of speech[?])
    • February 5th (International Robot Day; apparently this one’s been around for a while)
    • Date Unknown (International Robot Dance Appreciation Day)

    I went through my harddrive to find old remnants of a song I was working on that was never finished, I had planned on finalizing it for our own International Robot Day but I didn’t have the patience to do so. Instead I took an existing song and tinkered with it and added “lyrics” and I’m wondering if legally it has been altered enough to be considered a remix so I can upload it somewhere oh what the hell I’ll do it for you guys.

    • Wow, so much research! Thanks Marq!

      Is it cool if I play the race card and claim that we negate the one in February since that is already Black History Month and we shouldn’t take away from it by making Robot holidays in there too? I mean, sure, that’s just my stupid way of trying to legitimize mine over the Feb. 5 International Robot Day, but I will take any excuse I can to do so.

      • I’m assuming the February one is just for black robots.

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