Comics of the 24st of October

We continue our SecGov Robots storyline already in progress:

Also, here’s a thing:

And then we get to the Phone Guys’ Season Finally!:

What an amazing conclusion! That wraps up the first year of the relaunched Phone Guys comic. I made another 52 over the last month or so, and they’ll start next week.

  1. Pat, the “beekeepers as badasses” thing is ingenius. Really, I mean, these are guys with swarms of bees at their disposal! Of course they’re bad!

  2. He’s been telling me about the beekeepers for years.

  3. Yes, elevating the status of beekeepers to the heights I think they deserve has long been a goal of mine and it feels good to finally be getting started on it.

  4. And it’s coming out really well in the comic, too, in the way that sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

  5. I admit it is one of the ideas I’ve been sitting on for a long time in the hopes that someday I’d have someone with talent drawing my comics, but now I figure it is time to just get these ideas out there. SecGov Robots is going to serve as home for a lot of these ideas, I guess.

  6. The only issue I really have is that I’m not sure what bees are going to do to a robot.

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