Patrick D Ryall, Playwright

So, I just put up the play I wrote. The Winds of Time Wound All. As I recall, I wrote this while Kiiip was studying one time just as a thing to do to kill time. Then gave it to him, only to find it had been put up on Contains2 without me even knowing. That’s how I accidentally became a playwright. And now I’ve brought it back to life here. Shakespeare is quaking in his fluffy hot pink boots now because he knows I’ll be stealing his thunder.

It would be awesome to see this play actually performed just because the bulk of it would be the character Bill awkwardly waiting for five minutes to get hit by a train. I doubt any other play has ever done that.


Don’t expect no wounds
’cause the winds of time wound all.
And that includes you.

Why is it spelled “playwright?” Shouldn’t it be “playwrite” if not “playwriter” or even more logically “play writer”? Language, man. It’s weird.

  1. Oops. I kinda stole Shakespeare’s collection of fluffy hot pink boots yesterday. I guess he will have to quake in some other pair of boots.

  2. Daaaaang. Shakespeare without fluffy hot pink boots? I didn’t think it was even possible.

  3. I mistrust your use of the period in your sentences.

  4. I shall endeavor in the future to make you trust me with periods.

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