Books Time

Last year I accidentally started a tradition I will continue this year. To cut down on how much I spend on books, I will only put in one order online for books a year and that occasion will occur when John Swartzwelder puts out his newest novel. Well, it turns out that this time is coming soon because I am now seeing the announcement that “The Fifty Foot Detective” a new Frank Burly novel, is due out sometime this Spring. The absurd and gloriously stupid adventures of Frank Burly are good, but now that I’ve ties it to my only book-ordering event of the year, it will be like a holiday. I am already trying to make a list of books to order so that on the very day the Fifty Foot Detective hits Amazon, I am going to declare it National Bookorderin’ Day in the Nation of PDR.

In less happy news, I feel like I should also mention that Dwayne McDuffie died this week. He was the first comic writer I ever sent an email to with this magic Internet thing and he was nice enough to answer it and everything. It’s a shame he died so young, while he was still contributing so much because now we’ll never know what else he may have given to comics and animation.

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