Stubble Rebuttal!

The Archie comic strip seems to devote more time to the teachers eating in the cafeteria than it does to the students eating in the cafeteria. Is it strange that they do that, or is it strange that I noticed?


I did a haiku
in my last post on this site.
Here is another.

Also, I would like to rebut against a study I heard on the radio a week ago. They said that people who shaved regularly were more likely to be happy and say that they were living their dreams, with the implication being that shaving regularly was in part the cause for that happiness. I would say that maybe, just maybe, they have it backwards and that people who are living their dreams are more likely to shave. Just my opinion as someone who does not shave regularly and is, you can be sure, not living his dreams.

Also, what the chunks kind of study is that?

  1. What a bizarre and kind of pointless study. I hope that they do a study about the correlation between haiku writing and total awesomeness, because surely those two things are related.

  2. Yeah, I’m going to have to agree with you there. From experience.

    Also, other news, yesterday’s Archie comic strip was about the children eating at the cafeteria. Now I have to add a chalk mark in that column of the chart I am going to have to keep track of this stuff with.

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