I have it on the good authority of people I trust that I once attended and graduated from something called High School. It doesn’t sound like something I would do, but I suppose people would know better than I do. So anyway, tomorrow is the reunion for people who graduated this strange place. while plenty of people are not going to be showing up because they live other places, or they have no interest or maybe they died of AIDs while robbing a liquor store, but I will be attending this thing.

The strange thing is, though, that apparently this gathering is just a bunch of people from the school going to some bars and drinking. On television and movies school reunions are always ceremonies in gymnasiums and people get awards for travelling the least distance to get there (or at least Homer Simpson did) but this is just a bar. Oh well. I guess if I want a classier more television-style reunion, I should go to school in television. I shall have to work on that.

  1. I suppose that for posterity’s sake I should add a follow up. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed by how many people I would have liked to have seen who were not there, but I saw a handful of people who were quite worth seeing so I’d have to give it at least a four out of six pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. It is also possible some people showed up after I left, since I didn’t stay all that long.

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