It’s Full Of Stars…

So today was a hurricane hitting us day here in Halifax. It didn’t really amount to much of anything more than a typical storm as far as I could see. I went out for a couple of walks, one during the hurricane day and one after at night. I got soaked during the first one (which is of course the point of going for a walk in a hurricane). The second was just about as clement as weather can get. I like rain, but I’d still consider the second walk superior because of all the stars showing through.

The hurricane was named Bill. Every day of work in the few days leading up to the weekend had an article talking about Hurricane Bill and my mind always, just for a second assumed it was about how we’d be paying for the hurricane. Stupid mind.


If Vikings are here,
Who’s to say there ain’t Baboons?
Those types both hang out.

My ability to recognize constellations seems to be kaput. I can find Orion when he’s around (I don’t think he is at the moment) and occasionally I think I can find a Dipper, but that’s it. No wonder I haven’t been accepted into Awesome Space Guy School yet.

  1. Orion the Hunter is totally outside my window right now. But do I mean the constellation, or the dude?

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