Archie’s Choice

From a look around the Internet and even in newspapers it would appear that Archie has chosen Veronica over Betty. Now, that is not the choice I would have made in his shoes, but no matter what the Internet says I doubt that this choice will truly be ending the long running triangle that has sustained that particular franchise forever. As much as I like to see Status Quo oriented corporate-owned things take risks rather than grow stagnant, I don’t think Archie is really going to do it. But still, Betty is like… Way Better. It’s almost a choice between good and evil and Betty is good. I mean c’mon, it’s the Veronicas of the world holding us back. Archie is an idiot. Of course, following the newspaper strip I’ve barely see Betty around for months but Veronica is always there. Archie is an idiot…


Cavemen from beyond.
They have seen the Milky Way.
And Now They Are Back!

During the time I was without computer and then without web site I had to put aside my plans to offer up some comments on the new Star Trek movie, so here’s the digest version.

I liked the movie. Of the new cast, Kirk is my least favorite. He’s alright, but he’s just not quite there. The new McCoy is almost eerily like the old McCoy and was thus awesome. Chekov was like an adorable little child. I like seeing aliens that look a little bit more alien, though they’re generally just standing around in crowd scenes. The plot was not all that smart. People spoke about Red Matter like I was supposed to have any idea what that was. And the villain didn’t engage me all that much. I bet the sequel will be able to weave a better tale. In this there were some coincidences to get the cast together that were a little bit distracting. A sequel won’ have that need to get them together, so it can pick up with awesome right away. Still, this was a fun movie.

Yeah, So….

Previously on Book of PDR:

I had a computer virus which was quite mean and tenacious. My inability to get rid of it annoyed me, but having cleaned as much as I knew how to and enough to continue doing most of what I needed to do, I was content to let it be.

Last week my computer seemed to magically clear itself of the virus. Scans turned up some corrupted files that had been missing not been detected before and it cleared them up. Then I could do the two things the virus remnants had not been letting me do: I could defragment the drive and I could update my anti-virus software. But then it all went bad. Suddenly my computer was saying that I had 98% free space or something like that. I figured that was not good. Then the computer shut down. Also not good. The computer can no longer start up because it says it lacks an operating system. That, I can can only assume, is the final straw of not good. It looks very likely as though my computer died and lost everything saved on it. Music, photos and most devastatingly everything I’d written within the last six months or so is apparently gone. Skynet won that computer.

Now, obviously I am using a computer to write this. What I did was go out and got myself a laptop and now I am using this for my computing needs. I have a tradition as far as naming my computers. The first was Computron. The second was Computron V. The third was Computron X. This new laptop is Computron Rex. Welcome to the family Computron Rex, we all hope you’ll enjoy your time as PDR’s machine.

On top of that when I got the Laptop and got back on the Internet, my little site here was gone. Server maintenance it seems. A week I was without the writing stored here and most of my other writing gone, I was mad with insanity from that I was gone. But now it is back and I have learned a lesson about backing stuff up. Everything.

The Problem with Daytime

I had to be awake during the daytime yesterday to do some shopping and I noticed something strange. There is this great big ball of fire in the sky and nobody even notices it! The fire is making everything uncomfortably bright and hot and everybody is just walking around like that is normal. Psh.


Never trust an elk.
They all only want one thing.
They want your body.

So, I bought Spaced on DVD yesterday. It cost me like seventy-four dollars. Is it worth it? Sure. But I already owned it on Region 2 DVD from way back when it was not available here. But because the money-worshipers in charge of everything don’t want me to be able to view Region 2 DVDs with ease here in the First Region, I had to rebuy it. There is something wrong with society when I can’t watch a show that I paid for on a machine that I also paid for just because it comes from abroad. Lame. But anyway, now I can watch it again.