The Contains2 of Evil!!!

Just so that it will not be forgotten when we have conquered it, I am going to put an image of what somebody is doing with the address.

The Scum Of The Internet.

In a way, I guess I am honored that some obscure moneyseeking scoundrels considered the gibberish phrase “contains2” that nobody would ever type into a browser on a whim valuable enough to annex. After all that domain would have no worth at all if not for the efforts of myself and my fellow contains2men (but mostly myself, of course). But that said I’d still rather the domain have not been purchased by someone who isn’t us. Even if only one and three quarters of us actually still care.

And of course they worked in my old nemesis Debt Consolidation. I remember back when everyone else got emails about things I could use like free diplomas, weight loss, penis enlargement and women I was getting more than one email a day about consolidating debt. Oh the shame of it all. (I am proud to say that I actually barely get email spam anymore. Even on my hotmail account). It’s like this whole thing is part of a scheme by the currency lovers that I so strongly dislike to attack me personally.

The main problem with Contains2 being not there is that I’d really enjoy the chance to browse through the old stuff we wrote. Those were good times. Of course we’d not have that problem if Marq was willing to put it up on “” until such time as we win back the original. But someday Hawaii, hot girl and debt consolidation shall fall before our might.

Either way, the link shall remain at the bottom of this page until the outcome has shown itself.

Anyway, I’ll be back after China.

  1. And now I must disable comments to this post because it is getting lots of spam. Amusing!

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