God Bless The Five-Oh

If nothing else, I suppose this website should be a journal of my encounters with the law. From now on, every encounter with the police that I have shall be on here.

Tonight, about half an hour ago I was getting a ride home with a co-worker when we were pulled over for speeding I guess. As the one cop was dealing with the driver, his partner came to my side and asked for my identification as well. I don’t know if that is standard procedure or if my suspicious-looking demeanor brought it on, but it made me feel like part of the experience. I was informed that I have changed a bit since the photo was taken and this is correct, because I have not shaved in quite some. We also made small talk about the weather. So that’s my experience with the police for just now. Not as cool as the one last Summer when I was clearly suspected of being an evil man prowling the night. I guess cars make a difference.

In other news, apparently the current food crisis in the world has caused a raise in the price of rice to an extent that stores mentioned on the Daily Show and Colbert have been limiting the amount of rice that people can buy at any given time. It’s like a rice price crisis. And since I eat rice about four times a week I feel justified in saying this is potentially the Worst Thing Happening on this planet at this moment (I apologize to everyone being murdered right now. You’ll just have to do better next time). Of course, as believer in a world without currency I would like to see it solved by providing rice farmers with all they need to survive so that they can grow rice without having to worry about profits and all that. That might could help keep rice prices nice.

I’d also apply that logic to pretty much every food grower, service provider and good manufacturer you could name. If we all give everybody our stuff for free, they won’t need to charge us for theirs.

Sure, systems based on human decency seem like they’d never work, but you have to admit it would be nice.

Navel Warfare

My belly button was totally bleeding last night. That was strange. A quick check on Google told me that it’s probably just scratched or irritated. Good to know my body still has surprises in store.

Also, can I say that I don’t really care for either the term “navel” or “belly button” and I don’t think either really captures the essence of the thing as a good name should. Maybe after work I’ll look up the proper medical name and start calling it that. It probably has something to do with “Umbilical” which is a step up no matter what.

Breaking Bread

I picked up some matzo bread this last week and quite enjoyed it. Now I’m hooked. There was a twenty-four hour period over the weekend where I ate nothing but matzo and Tic Tacs. I wonder what that was about. Sometimes I have to agree with those who consider me odd.


Going back to work.
It’s like my blood wants to die.
There is no freedom.

Once there was a boy named Filby. He had no hat, because nobody was willing to buy him one. Thus, when the asteroid fell on his head, no hat was ruined. The end.