You’re All Zombies!

Dude, about an hour ago I bled all over a floor. It was awesome.

A friend of mine told me he had a dream a few nights ago in which I tried alcohol for the first time. Before long I was angrily accusing everyone of being zombies and threatening to kill them. That seems very likely to me as far as what would happen if I became a drinker.


Please Do Not Panic.
The world will end soon enough.
Just sit down and wait.

Let’s see, what else is new? A couple weeks ago I watched Blacula at work and I was dissapointed that a co-worker who is about 26 or so had never heard of it. Last night I brought in some Monty Python’s Flying Circus and a guy about thirty didn’t know what it was. Blacula I can forgive, but not knowing what Monty Python is? That’s just wrong.

And I don’t have much else to say. Weather’s nice. Maybe I’ll go look at it.

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