Sleep! Why?

What the chunks? I’m just waking up from ten hours of sleep and I I don’t feel rested at all. That’s not cool. I totally expected to look at the clock and see that it was twelve o’clock or something. It was not. It’s almost Seven. I’m sad now. Had I known I wouldn’t wake up, I would have set my alarm. Ah well…

Ducks versus giraffes. The giraffes have a big advantage as far as size is concerned, but ducks can fly. Ducks can fly.

And the Contains2 server is all the way down again. Now I’m going to have to look into that again. Crapdammit.

  1. For me it’s jobs I don’t like that did that. But I’m no great big fan of sleep either. Unless I get an awesomely strange dream out of it. Then it’s okay.

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