Apparently my roommate Marq came home last night and stumbled across a man hiding in our living room who had been in the process of stealing us. I guess the guy then left and the controls for our PS2 are missing, though the PS2 itself is still here, but unplugged. Of course, with Marq being the lazy introvert he is he isn’t willing to go to the super about this, let alone any law enforcement. The dozens of security cameras in our building, had they cognitive abilities, would weep for their very purpose being ignored. I guess that guy is just lucky that Marq caught him instead of Marq’s angry-at-the-world-roommate-with-a-superhero-fixation.

Though he was an idiot to go about unhooking the Playstation with all my DVDs Right There. But I guess that’s a good thing for me.

In other news, I had a dream last night involving quitting my job. I mean, it wasn’t the same job I had in the real world exactly, but I guess quitting is not a bad thing by any means. But then my dreams have been mostly insanse lately and my sleep fitful. Probably not a good thing.


Go go Mario!
Go all the way to world eight!
Beat the whole damn game!

Also, I’ve gone spendcrazy again. Lacking anything that actually makes me want to go about living, I just keep throwing money at books/DVDs/comics/toys/food or things that don’t really help my soul, but keep myself watching. Sure I may end up poor, but at least I’ll have posessions. It was about this time last year when last I went truly spendcrazy, I believe.

  1. Dude, I mean … way to go Marq, now, that’s how a person “should” operate.

    Marq should have at least stabbed him in the face and then face-raped the injury. I bet he wouldn’t steal for a while.

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