Soon, my Computron will be upgraded!

I have this Halloween bucket with a cartoon Frankenstein’s monster on it that I keep on this desk here for loose change. I bought some of those little rolls for putting change in today and counted it mostly all up. I had about $150 sitting right there. Now most of that is going to go into my get a non-sucky computer fund. The little bit that isn’t? That’s going to be

Speaking of change, I was walking down Spring Garden Road today, so of course I got a guy bumming money from me. I gave change out of my pocket to him and continued walking. Then someone else asked for some, and I told him I gave it to that last guy. That happened three more times after that and each time I told them I gave it to the first guy. By far the best response was the bum who muttered, “Oh, I see how it is,” afterward. That amuses me.

  1. Don’t give all your pennys to one bum. That one bum could be a jerk. Another bum might be the one that could save your life.

  2. Whoa. I had never thought of that. Now I’ll have to ask bums what they’d do if I were drowning.

  3. They should take a Standardized Bum Test. That’ll learn ’em.

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