Renewable Resources

I read that China has begun raising the prices on the chopsticks it exports to Japan, because Japan uses so many of them that it is using up China’s forests. Now, usually, I’m against deforestation, but the article said that the alternative plastic chopsticks can only be used about 150 times more than the wooden ones before they are disposed of. That means they’re still considered disposable. It seems to me that wood biodegrades easier than plastic, so the garbage would be worse for the environment. The fact that there only one chopstick thrown out for every hundred and fifty there used to be is meaningless. We’ll have plenty of room for landfills where those forests used to be! It’s like I always say, the worst option is only the worst option when you’re not in denial! Hooray! Environment saved and all it cost us was a bunch of useless trees.

I also read once that scientists found a way to make plastic from corn. Are they still doing that because that actually does sound like a good thing.

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