Do you ever think about what your skull looks like?

If I run my finger along my forehead I can feel this line or ridge or something that makes me wonder if my skull doesn’t some kind of crack-like thing on the front there. Like something out of a Halloween cartoon.

I am wondering about this right now because in less than ten hours I will be going in to get two of my molars removed. That is definitely the sort of thing that makes one’s skull look subtly but significantly different.

It’s definitely going to be strange having two molars gone. I’m gonna have to re-learn to chew, basically. But these molars served me well for as long as they could, and to celebrate them I bought two Skor bars earlier in the week so their final days on the job would really show how good they were. Farewell, teeth! I don’t know what they do with the teeth once their removed. I kinda hope that they let me keep them.

Super Sunday: The Skeleterror King and Vertigoat

Halloween is technically over, but I’m still in the spirit, so this week I’ll continue the Halloweeny-type characters:

Skeleterror King

Foremost among the Hated Dead is their King. A lost soul so reviled he was banished from any proper afterlife to the Cosmic Ossuary, the Skeleterror King, in the form of a nine-foot-tall skeleton made up of Cosmic Energy, wants nothing more than to lash out at the living. With nothing else to occupy his mind, an army of several thousand like-minded servants, and a deathless eternity to scheme, it is only a matter of time before the Skeleterror Horde reaches the Earth, and begin their grisly slaughter.

I have to admit that a stronger way to go about this bit probably would have been to make a generic post about the Skeleterrors as a group, but I’ve kind of gotten myself into thing where I am enjoying designing individual characters. Anyway, I think skeletons don’t get the respect they deserve as far as monsters go. I’m going a strange cosmic direction here, but I’d love to see regular skeletons show up more often. They could easily take some of the roles that poor overtaxed zombies are getting stuck with. Surely, as fun as shooting a zombie must be, there would be some satisfaction in the crunch of bones being shattered in a video game?


There is a goat, a seemingly ordinary goat, that wanders the country as it pleases. It belongs to no human. If any human should even come close enough to make it uncomfortable, the goat unleashes its power on them and the humans are rendered dizzy, nauseous, and often fall unconscious. Where did a goat come by such a power? If the goat knows, it isn’t telling anyone. All it is doing is spreading chaos as it wanders through our cities knocking people out as it goes, causing accidents and death in its wake. Who, oh who can save us from the Vertigoat?

You may say goats aren’t a particularly Halloween-themed creature. Yeah well. Okay, good point. Well, there he is anyway. I don’t have to care.