Another weekend begins.

If you woke up tomorrow and you were a foot taller, would you think that you’d grown or that the world had shrunk? I consider this a better test of optimism and pessimism than that half a glass of water question. Or I would, if I knew which answer was optimistic and which was pessimistic.

In other news, Marq has a theory and if we’re lucky we could maybe get Contains2 back online around May-ish. That would be four kinds of alright with me. Everyone don’t hate Marq for a while as a means of thanks.

I’m totally eating dry Cheerios right now. But by the time anyone reads this, I probably won’t be.

  1. Two thoughts:

    1) I’m not sure whether your ‘foot taller’ idea is a good test for optimism/pessimism, but I do think it’s a great test for, well… how you view yourself in relation to the world… your place in the world, etc. My reaction certainly was that I must’ve grown – does that mean I subconsciously think the world revolves around me?

    2) ‘Marq’s theorem’ – this one’ll go down in the history books, folks.

  2. Maybe it should be “If you woke up and the world was entirely purple, would you say it was ‘completely purple’ or ‘totally purple’. And totally is the good one, because it’s like totally a better word.

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