Planet Gurx: Nibnassin Bids Farewell

Goodbye To Gurx

We have, for the time being, finished looking at the planet Gurx. We will return, but for the time being our gracious educator, Nibnassin, is leaving us to do other thing. Hopefully we understand the Strondovarians and their homeworld better now than we did when we began.

In contemporary Strondovarian culture, there is no especial weight given to goodbyes. Already an unsentimental people at the best of times, Strondos are now millennia into society in which suspended animation and space travel are commonplace. A friend or relative may go to sleep for a hundred years and not be seen again. But while they may physically be distant, so long as we keep them in mind, they are still with us in a way. And while living minds can only remember so much, the Knowledge Bank will remember us all forever.

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