General PDR Update for October

Since I’ve been free of illness, I have had less of a need to do updates, but I’ve got some time so I will do so right now:

The big thing this week was a minor, but expensive, car problem. I am used to one big car problem every winter, except for last winter when the car did not break down, but I did. So, I don’t know if the recent problems are a leftover from last winter, or if this is the first and only problem that I will have until this time next year. Let’s hope for that one. Anyway, it was just a case of replacing the rotors. Cost me about seven hundred bucks. Coulda been worse.

Apart from that, little to report. I am trying to work my way through the goals I set for myself to accomplish in 2017. I am almost done goals related to reading and have been making progress on goals related to writing. One goal that I have really been slacking at is Secret Government Robots. It’s as if I have this mental block where I want to get all the other goals done so I can focus on it, but that just leads to me not working on it. And 2017 is nearing completion, so I had better get going.

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