Super Sunday: Ms. Curious and Epic Bro

Ms. Curious

Cats are more in tune with the supernatural side of the world than humans are. And the especially intelligent cats can be downright experts in the field. Ms. Curious is the world’s foremost paranormal investigator. Avoiding notice from the humans, she seeks out stories of haunted houses or monster sightings and looks into them. If anything truly out of the ordinary is happening, she will do what she can to help. She’ll help ghosts find their rest and, if necessary, she’ll bring down monsters whatever it takes.

I can’t draw cats even more than I generally can’t draw things. Still, I like the idea of a cat out there solving problems that humans don’t even realize are going on.

Epic Bro

Tyler Watson is straight up trippin’, dawg. He got the mad skills. He be punchin’, he be running, he be fuckin’ shit up. You know he’s bomb, ’cause he’s Epic Bro.

Okay, look, I can’t write “bro” lingo. It is beyond me. I can’t fathom it. But still, what we have here is a superhero character who embodies that type of attitude. I figure Tyler here was about sixteen when he developed supernatural powers, not knowing that he inherited them from a father he never met, and, while he does try to do “heroic” things, he’s also the kind of young idiotic person that cares more about style than substance. It is not uncommon for him to attempt his heroics while in an impaired state (Say, if a crime happens while he was at a kegger). And worse, he’d the type who things it is important to prove himself in a fight. If I did a story about him, I’d try not to paint him as a bad guy, but he’d have to grow up to be a real hero.

  1. “And worse, he’d the type who things it is important to prove himself in a fight. ”

    Bro this shiznit is why you should not write this shit while high. Also the whole bro thing reminds me of South Parks PC Principal. Ms.Curious looks well enough so your cat drawing skills are not that bad. That look on her face though, not sure if she is confused or questioning someone being a weirdo. Maybe both?

  2. How can I not write these while high, when writing these is what gets me high?

    I can see the PC Principal resemblance, but this kid is younger and more like frat bros that I have met. He is not PC at all. Anyway, I am months ahead at scheduling these, so this is a character I did in July and I am off in 2016 at this point.

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