Super Sunday: Hell of Copters Pilots

Hell of Copters Pilots

There is a certain Devil who has been making contracts with humans for a few centuries now and has acquired enough souls that he’s pretty well off by devil standards. He’s rich, in fact. But now he’s kinda bored. Tricking humans into selling their souls has lost its lustre for him. In his quest to find something different in life, he hit upon an idea: He would take some of those suffering in his hell and give them a chance for freedom. The Devil provided them with new physical bodies, with magic powers and helicopters, and with codenames. The selected souls would have to fight one another, the winner getting to go free for all eternity!


Voiceless sold his soul for musical talent. He had a good career as a blue musician while he lived, but in the end his soul went to the Devil’s realm. There, he was rendered unable to make music at all as a punishment. But now that he’s part of the Hell of Copters contest, Voiceless can make music again. He still can’t sing (hence the name), but his special helicopter attacks include sonic shockwave strums and scrambling sonars with harmonica riffs. He fights for his freedom so that someday he might be able to make music again, without it being a weapon.


Darkgirl was just a silly teenager when she decided that selling her soul to the Devil would be rebellious and cool. She’d always liked horror films and dark imagery, so she wasn’t scared by the Devil in the least. But of course, he was just using her affection for darkness for his own ends, and Darkgirl fell for it. It was a damn shame, but now, in her reconstructed body, she has the ability to control darkness. From her shadowcopter, she can cast solid darkness attacks at her foes, blend into shadows, and stuff like that. With her freedom, she’ll be able to make up for the mistake she made falling for the Devil’s lies.


The Gibberer was a promising physicist when he was young, but he was hungry for knowledge. Greedy for it, even. He sold his soul to the Devil to learn things that humanity was not yet ready to know, and as a result went mad. He spent his remaining years in an asylum, his potential wasted, and his experience in the afterlife has been much the same. But now, in the Hell of Copters contest, he pilots a high-tech chopper with lasers and teleportation devices and tractor beams, finally using his scientific knowledge instead of simply muttering ideas to himself over and over.

Princess Greenelf

Another one that the Devil got young. This young lady got involved with the world of Role Playing Games, which as we all know, meant that she would wind up losing her soul (Jack Chick tried to warn us). But for the contest, she has been given the bodily form of her game character, the Druid Princess Greenelf, and she has all the magical nature powers that the character possesses. Greenelf pilots a fancy wooden helicopter and has control over the weather and plantlife, as well as fancy magic arrows.

Hot Mama

The Devil gave Hot Mama the codename “Hot Mama” as a cruel reminder of her circumstances. In life, she was in a bad car accident with her two children in the back seat. The car became quickly engulfed in flames and it was then that the Devil pounced, making a deal with her. Her soul for the safety of her children. The kids lived, but she did not. And now the Devil taunts her, reminding her that this Hell of Copters contest is the only way she’ll ever see them again. Her powers are all based on fire. Heat rays and fireballs and such. Will it be enough to reunite her with her family?

These characters are essentially the “Good Guys” of the Hell of Copters contest. While everyone is fighting for their own freedom only, these are the sympathetic ones. Next week, let’s have a look at the ones who we would call the bad guys.

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