Dot This!

I don’t listen much to the radio. Granted it is a fine way to tune out the real world, but I’m getting better at doing that all on my own. But even so I’ve noticed that at least two local radio stations are stating to use “dot” instead of “point” in their names. Like Eighty-three-dot-seven or whathaveyou. Internet killed the radio point, it seemed.

And even before that I had seen phone numbers started to use dots instead of dashes. That’s far more of a stretch.

I have to be against this. If I don’t fight such changes, what’s to keep them from replacing decimals in other circumstances? What’ll I do when they hold the Senator’s family hostage for Three-dot-five million dollars? I don’t have a clue! And what if they decide to replace the dashes in Morse Code with dots as well? Think of the confusion that’ll cause. I won’t even get started on Dot and the Kangaroo.

I do, however, support replacing the word “O’Clock” with “dot-clock”. I think doing this will solve so many problems you’d crap if you knew them all.

Anyway, I’m done.

  1. Resistance is futile. Nothing can stop the dots. Not even Gilbert Gottfried can save us.

  2. The french use a ‘,’ instead of ‘.’ in numbers. So, for example: 12.00 in frenchese would be 12,00.

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