Super Sunday: Wallfixers 4


I’m sick, so I’m using my alien wizard buffer characters again…


When Zerbdoffer became a Wallfixer, he decided that the best way to help maintain the stability of the multiverse would be to work as a translator when first contact was made between species from different dimensions. So now, Zerbdoffer tries to show up in such circumstances, to keep things running smoothly and peacefully. This has made a lot of enemies among the various organizations trying to conquer as many universes as possible. (His species)

Vantour the Living

Vantour is from a species that has defeated life. Vantour’s people have devised a process of transferring their consciousnesses into computers. Vantour is the sole member of the species who has not undergone this process. As the rest of the species was moving into their future, Vantour was discovered by the Wallfixers. Since the upgrade process would risk losing mystical powers, Vantour decided to remain as is, a living anachronism devoted to protecting a world that is now more online than off.

As much as possible, I’ve been trying to make the Wallfixers aliens who don’t look at all human. Vantour here seems to be an exception. Still, a tail, pointed ears, strange skin. Could be worse. At least the rest of the species is apparently even less human now.

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