Super Sunday: Mummylord and Strike


Thousands of years ago in Egypt a cult of magicians raided the country as part of their worship of heretical beings of darkness and evil. Though they were eventually driven from the land by the Egyptian armies (and kept from heading south by the Lightning Lioness). The cult retreated to their temple and committed mass suicide. Their story did not end there.

When archaeologists uncovered the temple, they accidentally reawakened the leader of the cult, the Mummylord. Alive once more in the modern age, the Mummylord is now trying to perfom mystic rituals to revive his followers as an army of mummies bent on world domination.

My extensive scientific research has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that mummies and the superhero genre are a good fit for one another. Probably there should be at least one mummy character in every superhero title.


Jenessa Jefferson is, by day, a fairly ordinary young woman. She works at a coffee shop and pays rent and phone bills and all that sort of thing. But she has another identity. When approached by someone willing to pay the right price, Jenessa Jefferson becomes Strike. After being caught in a strange beam from space as a teenager, Jenessa found herself able to convert her body into a living burst of yellow lightning for about an hour at a time. The ability to travel through electrical devices, damaging them if that is the desire, makes Strike an ideal industrial saboteur. She can also pack a devastating punch to any do-gooders who want to challenge her.

This here… this here was a really, really easy character to draw. If I ever have to draw a superhero story I actually want to be decent, a character like Strike is a necessity to make sure I can get through it. Probably I’m not going to do that, though. I can put up with my drawing for sketches, but I do feel like my drawing abilities are lacking for stories I want to tell.

Anyway, why is cartoon electricity almost always yellow? It seems to always be blue in the real world.

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